We are a professional natural medicine clinic in Encinitas that combines conventional diagnostic testing with science-based natural treatments to provide effective results. At Nature & Science Medicine™ we focus on treating the root cause of disease and establishing the foundations of health.


We Specialize In:


Supportive Cancer Care & Cancer Prevention

Symptom management and optimizing treatment outcomes

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Mental Health & Mood Support

Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue & Stress Management 


Gastrointestinal Conditions 

Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Sports Medicine

Chronic joint pain, tendinitis, osteoarthritis

At Nature & Science Medicine our goal is to assist your body in healing and maintaining health by utilizing the most up-to-date research based, as well as traditional natural therapies.
— Dr. McNulty, founder and licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor


  • Dr. McNulty has a vast & detailed knowledge of integrated health & the body's systems. I am so glad to have found him to assist with my treatment & healing outcome.
    — Ngaire D.
  • I was referred to Dr. McNulty by my traditional physician. After having surgery I have been unable to eat much without getting sick. Dr McNulty has been extremely kind, knowledgable and informative. His use of IV therapy has given me amazing results! I am already feeling much, much better and am so grateful for his help. Do yourself a favor and go see Dr McNulty! You and your body deserve it!
    — Michele M.
  • We have been especially impressed not only by Dr. McNulty's clinical knowledge, but also, as an academic naturopathic doctoral professor, the time and energy he has expended researching additional biochemically complex aspects of my treatments… Dr. McNulty humbly displays a passion for health, healing, and nutrition.
    — Darryl F.
  • After five months of auto-immune tests, various doctors, no diagnosis or improvement, within two months he was able to provide a natural approach that drastically improve my ailments. I value Dr. McNulty's approach to medicine in that he addresses each patient as a unique and specialized case, in order to treat root causes. He is extremely present, knowledgeable, compassionate and accommodating.
    — Haley H.
  • My last scans showed that my tumors were stable using standard chemo. I started treatments with Dr. Mcnulty in late October and my most recent scans showed a significant improvement. My side effects under chemo are also under control and I am back to enjoying my life.
    — Geniene L.
  • Dr. McNulty listened to all of my concerns during our first meeting. He was very extensive and offered insight I had never been given from traditional doctors! He is very smart and I feel completely confident in him!
    — Candace T.

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Conveniently located in North County San Diego, in Encinitas, off of North El Camino Real at:

740 Garden View Court, Suite 207, Encinitas, CA 92024