Your Initial Naturopathic Consultation : 

At your initial visit Dr. McNulty will take your comprehensive health history, discuss your health goals, as well as order necessary lab work and diagnostic testing.  With this information, he will be able to develop a treatment plan that is customized for you in order to optimize your health in the most effective and efficient way possible.  He will present this treatment plan at your follow-up visit, after receiving the results of necessary lab work and diagnostic testing. 

Dr. McNulty takes a Naturopathic approach to medicine: he focuses on treating the root cause of disease, and establishing the foundations of health. Click here to learn more about Dr. McNulty, and about Naturopathic Medicine click here.

Not from the San Diego area? Phone consultations are available for those unable to make it to the office for their appointment.  

Your Follow-Up Visit: 

At this visit Dr. McNulty will present your customized treatment plan.  Dr. McNulty focuses on providing the highest-quality individualized and targeted treatment for each patient.  His goal is to assist your body in healing and maintaining health by utilizing the most up-to-date research based, as well as traditional natural therapies. 

Your individualized treatment plan includes ensuring your body gets proper support through nutrition, supplements, botanical medicine, and/or IV therapy. Nature & Science Medicine uses over 50 of the most scientifically advanced IV formulas which are then customized to fit your individual needs -- an integral part of patient-centered, holistic medicine.  The customization of each IV formula allows for the maximum therapeutic benefit, targeting the underlying cause of your health concerns. In addition to this Dr. McNulty also provides nutrition and lifestyle counseling to help you build the foundations for health.


All payments are due at time of service. Unfortunately we are unable to accept insurance at this time. 

Appointments with Dr. McNulty: 

  • Introductory Visit (15 minutes):  Free
  • First office visit (60 minutes) : $225
  • Follow-up Visits (30 minutes): $99
  • Brief Follow-up Visit/Phone Consultation (15 minutes): $55
  • Customized IV Therapy: $95-300*. An initial office visit is required before initiating IV therapy. 
  • Customized IM Injection Therapy: $35-50*. An initial office visit is required before initiating IM therapy. 
    • *To view Nature & Science Medicine's full price list for IV and IM Therapy please click here.  



To schedule an appointment please contact Nature & Science Medicine via phone, text, email, or by filling out our online form.  We look forward to hearing from you. 


Notice: In order to provide patients the best experience possible, and to adhere to the State of California's regulations, Dr. McNulty will not provide his services or medical advice via email, or any way outside of a formal office consultation. This ensures Dr. McNulty can document all information in accordance with medical regulations. 

If you have any health concerns or questions pertaining to your treatment plan, please don't hesitate to contact Dr. McNulty for a 15 minute phone consultation or to schedule a follow-up visit.