"Dr. McNulty has a vast & detailed knowledge of integrated health & the body's systems. I am so glad to have found him to assist with my treatment & healing outcome." - N. D.  

"Five weeks ago, I was referred by another Naturopathic/Holistic Doctor to Dr. Nikodemas McNulty, Nd for IV infusions therapy and B12 injections to treat serious arthritis pain and severe nausea related to longterm use of prescription opiates for pain relief, anti-inflamatories for arthritis,  STATINS for high cholesterol, and many other medications to counteract the side-effects of so many prescriptions. In a stage of acute narcotic withdrawal when I still could not sufficiently function independently, Dr. Mcnulty graciously welcomed both my wife and I in his clinic.  We have been especially impressed not only by Dr. McNulty's clinical knowledge, but also, as an academic naturopathic doctoral professor, the time and energy he has expended researching additional biochemically complex aspects of my treatments. Consequently, we are grateful to report that I am almost 100% symptom-free from arthritis pain and from opiate withdrawal. His professional website is accurate: Dr. McNulty humbly displays a passion for health, healing, and nutrition, as he has administered potent IVs and injections, which I have needed and which are working. Being retired Psychologists and mental health graduate school professors for over forty years, we recognize not only Dr. McNulty's clinical knowledge and skills, but also his open minded flexibility, and his genuine kindness, empathy and warmth. We greatly appreciate his care, and recommend him to others who will profit by naturopathic, holistic treatment." - Darryl F.

"I was referred to Dr. McNulty by my traditional physician. After having surgery I have been unable to eat much without getting sick. Dr McNulty has been extremely kind, knowledgable and informative. His use of IV therapy has given me amazing results! I am already feeling much, much better and am so grateful for his help.
Do yourself a favor and go see Dr McNulty! You and your body deserve it!" - Michele M.

"I am so thankful to have met Dr. McNulty about four months ago. You know right after first meeting with him, that he's in the naturopathic field for the right reasons and that he really knows his stuff. You can tell that he really cares about his patients in the way he takes his time with everyone who comes in. I also like that if he is not familiar with something, he'll do the research to provide the best solution. And he never makes you feel like any of your questions are a waste of time. That's in stark contrast to other healthcare professionals I've worked with over the years, including other naturopaths. He definitely sets the bar in that although he is very intelligent, his humility and compassion never wavers. That's the rarity that is Dr. McNulty. 

His expertise in IV therapy has been life changing for me. I've struggled with serious health issues for the last few years and although I had come a long way in my own healing journey, I still needed more help. 

I had prior experience with nutritional IV therapy elsewhere without seeing much of a difference. But I felt better after one treatment from Dr. McNulty and continued to see positive changes with each weekly IV. He teaches IV therapy at Bastyr so I'm confident that he knows how to customize each IV to my individual needs. And in all honesty, I believe that everyone, not just those of us with health issues, can benefit from doing nutritional IVs with him. 

They helped me so much that I was able to drive for the first time in two years because of the marked improvement in my fatigue, concentration and anxiety levels. He also puts a special ingredient into my IVs that has completely eradicated my depression symptoms. And I'm positive of that because I hadn't changed anything else in my routine. Amazing right? Don't take my word for it. Go see him! 

Dr. McNulty gave me the first true relief I'd had in years and I'll be forever grateful. Even more than that, he gave me hope that I really can get better and I've been slowly but surely improving ever since. If you're struggling with any health issue, or even just want to optimize your health in general, I highly recommend that you go see him. He has also recently brought Dr. Biller, another naturopath on board who specializes in hormones and is a joy to be around. I look forward to working with her as well." - Rebecca C.

"I was diagnosed with late stage cancer in May of this year and was told that I would most likely continue with chemo for the rest of my life. My last scans showed that my tumors were stable using standard chemo.  I started treatments with Dr. McNulty in late October and my most recent scans showed a significant improvement.  My side effects under chemo are also under control and I am back to enjoying my life."  - Geniene L.